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Together with our wool partners in New Zealand, Carrfields, we can trace the yarn used in all Prestige Carpets back to one of three farms in the north of New Zealand, owned by the Hurley family for over 70 years.

Wool is a miraculous fibre with inbuilt stain resistant properties, meaning you should be able to get most spills out of your wool carpet, provided you can get to them reasonably quickly.

Wool won’t ignite, rather it will singe. Compared to other man made fibres used in carpets that can potentially melt when faced with flame.

Dust particles will sit on top of the carpet until vacuumed up, compared with hard floors that circulate the dust everytime they are walked over. Plus woollen fibres are too large to be inhaled. Wool is an excellent option for allergy sufferers.

Sheep produce approx. 4kg of wool each year, shorn every six months.

Wool is biodegradable, naturally much better for our planet than man made fibres.

Wool carpets help keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer, and is a brilliant sound insulator.

100% New Zealand Wool

Australian Owned

Over 50 Stockists

Why New Zealand Wool?
Due to the climate, the green rolling hills and quality farming practices, New Zealand sheep produce the whitest wool in the world meaning truer colours in your carpet, and some of the strongest wool in the world, lending itself perfectly to flooring. All wool supplied through our partners at Carrfields meet our high standards in Animal Welfare, Social Responsibility, Traceability, Environmental Health and Ethical sourcing.